News from the Wacky World of Words

New words are constantly coming into our language, and old ones passing into disuse.

I work freelance for a government agency making new words for things which have not previously been adequately described. For example, I’ve just come up with "flishing" which means walking along a street with your laptop open trying to get a wifi signal.

To make room for this valuable addition to the language, the word "whichsoever" will be redundant from the end of the month. Make the most of it till then.

4 thoughts on “News from the Wacky World of Words

  1. You’re never alone with the OED.

    Le Morte d’Arthur, line 2769: "Fulle butt in {th}e frounte he flysches hyme evene."

    And then I think line 2770 has some moan about not even being able to connect to Skype after all that hassle, but my copy’s a bit smudged.

    Anyway, your Polysemy Division have been notified.

  2. I don’t believe that ‘whichsoever’ ever was a word, so there.

    Please would you persuade your government agency to adopt the word ‘matronising’, meaning the same as ‘patronising’ but done by a woman?

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