My Christmas List

Please don’t feel obliged to buy any of these for me, but in case you want to here they are:

1. World Music 2007
All songs released in in the world this year, in a deluxe 144,000 disc box set. A bit beyond my price range, that’s why it’s on the prezzie list.

2. mi side ov itt by Keith Brunt
The prison diaries of the illiterate lifer, predicted by the publishers to be the surprise hit of the season.

3. A new favourite mug
To replace the cheese coloured one that went the way of all favourite mugs.

4. The Oxford Dictionary of Utensils
More from curiosity than anything.

5. Songs You Love to Hate
All that appalling garbage you hear in every shop you go into on one CD.

6. Some utensils
Otherwise what’s the point?

7. A selection of cheesy biscuits.
Mmm, cheesy biscuits.

8. Taxidermy Starter Pack

9. Magic Sock
The one that somehow matches whatever else you can find in your sock draw

10. Anything Else Nice

News from the Wacky World of Words

New words are constantly coming into our language, and old ones passing into disuse.

I work freelance for a government agency making new words for things which have not previously been adequately described. For example, I’ve just come up with "flishing" which means walking along a street with your laptop open trying to get a wifi signal.

To make room for this valuable addition to the language, the word "whichsoever" will be redundant from the end of the month. Make the most of it till then.